FSVP: What The Regulation Says and Who It Applies To

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  1. James Flynn says:


    A very informative overview on some critical issues that importers need to think about,and more importantly, take action on!

    A lot of importers are going to struggle with the technical food safety aspects of FSVP due to lower levels of real life food processing experience. They will either have to up skill in house or bring in qualified individuals to help.

    One area where most will definitely need help is in the hazard identification and analysis area. I know from experience that many food companies simply don’t have good HACCP plans, they’re not good because they are either not up to date, not verified and validated, missing key hazards or have mis-identified CCPs. When an importer views a suppliers HACCP they have to know what they are looking at, and what good looks like. This is one area where I see potential issues with importers taking the suppliers word for it that the HACCP / Food Safefty Plan is good because they don’t know any better. It’s a major risk factor.

    The second area of concern is the sheer volume of additional information importers are going to have to manage, review and keep up to date. They are going to need a system for this and spreadsheets simply won’t cut the mustard.

    There are systems out there, including our own, which will help, but software on its own won’t help with the first concern, I.e. what does a good HACCP look like? This is why expertise is going to be so critical.

    So thank you Ben for highlighting some key issues and for FDAImports expertise on this important area.

    James Flynn

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