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With extensive experience with FDA rules and regulations we are uniquely positioned to anticipate how FDA will finalize the FSVP requirements for both importers and producers.  Our team’s extensive experience with FDA gives us the ability to anticipate FDA’s final position on FSVP, both for importers and for producers.  We position our clients ahead of their competitors in the race for FSVP compliance. FDAImports.com represents hundreds of food importers and foreign manufacturers and exporters.

FDAImports.com is uniquely suited to integrating the new Food Safety requirements with Customs regulations and current (and evolving) FDA requirements, such as FDA Import Alerts, FDA import detention and import refusal processes, and FDA import procedures and policy.

Moreover, because food and beverage importers and foreign suppliers are often unrelated parties, we assist them in designing agreements that provide the necessary transparency to comply with the new imported food safety provisions without exposing proprietary information.

We can help Importers:

  1. Determine which of their products will be covered by FSVP, and the scope of any potential exemptions
  2. Develop adequate FSVP systems that serve to verify their foreign suppliers’ compliance with applicable food safety requirements
  3. Adequately document their verification processes, as required by FSVP
  4. Comply with FSVP’s record-keeping requirements

We can help Foreign Suppliers:

  1. Respond to and minimize over-reaching compliance demands from their U.S. Importing customers
  2. Determine which of their products will be covered by HARPC and Standards for Produce Safety, and which facilities may enjoy exemptions
  3. Review and reinforce food safety programs
  4. Adequately document their food safety programs, as required by HARPC and other food safety requirements
  5. Comply with applicable food safety record-keeping requirements

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